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Exemplar (noun)


: one that serves as a model or example


Camp Exemplar at The Creek is a Summer Camp for children going into 5K thru 8th grade (camper must be 5 as of June 7th). As a ministry of Town Creek Baptist Church, Camp Exemplar provides children an opportunity to spend their summer with friends having fun! The ultimate exemplar for a Christian is Jesus. As His followers we are to be exemplars of His character and behavior that we find in His word, the Bible.


Parents, and legal guardians can rest assured knowing their children are in a safe and secure environment where Exemplar Guides will help them grow physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Our Guides are all interviewed by the Director of Children's Ministries and Senior Pastor and given background checks. They are here because they love children and are trained to work with children in these age groups! 


Each week will be filled with activities that will keep your children busy, but busy with a purpose! We want our campers to look back at the Summer and remember times they had fun, but also moments where they learned something new about themselves, made new friends, and/or grew in their relationship with Jesus. 

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